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Erie Trail West by Jane Panagopoulos

by Jane Panagopoulos

Did you know that tens of thousands of settlers traveled to Michigan via the Erie canal in the early 1830s?  So many came from New York state that their influence affected Michigan for years. The story focuses on Jenny Case, a spunky New York farm girl who traveled here in 1836. The book blends documented historical facts with a creative fictional story. Excellent supplement for Michigan studies at the elementary level.  ©1995. 6 x 9.  180 pages. Paperback. Grades 4-6. (Reading level about 4.5)

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Farewell to the Island by Gloria Whelan
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by Gloria Whelan

Another fine book for young readers by this Michigan author. It is a sequel to her Once on This Island book. The plot began in 1816. Once again the American flag flies proudly over Mackinac Island. Mary O'Shea will leave her home on the island and sail to England to visit her sister. On the way she meets a young sailor and soon must make the difficult decision to remain in England or return to the island she loves. 8. 5.25 x 7.5. 200 pages. Paperback.

A Guide to Michigan's Endangered Wildlife
School Price $17.95
by David C. Evers

Widespread logging, farming, wetland destruction, water and land pollution have worked together to endanger and threaten many wildlife species in Michigan. There are eighty-one birds, mammals, reptiles and fish on Michiganís endangered and threatened species list. This book profiles each one with detailed text accompanied by beautiful color photos by some of Michiganís foremost nature photographers. Also includes maps showing distribution of each species. Plus a section on extinct species and those driven out of the state.  ©1992. 6 x 9.  103 pages. Paperback.


Journey Back to Lumberjack Camp

by Janie Lynn Panagopoulos

In the late 1800s the smell of sawdust and the cry of "TIMBER!" were common in our Michigan forests. This book is a great way to learn about the difficult camp conditions, the logging terms, and even some of the lumbering songs. Students join Gus, a contemporary twelve-year-old student who is reeled back in time when he hits his head at school.  ©1993.  6 x 9.  176 pages.  Paperback. 



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Mystery on Mackinac Island by Anna W. Hale

by Anna W. Hale

An Ottawa boy and two young tourists are drawn into the mystery of stolen rental bicycles and they learn much about their place in the world. This captivating who-done-it is perfect for sparking the interest of young readers about life on Mackinac Island. Illustrated. ©1989.  6 x 8. 183 pages.  Paperback.  (Grades 4-7)

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School Price $8.95
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by Janie Lynn Panagopoulos

While twelve-year-old Robert is interviewing an elderly iron miner, he is swept back into a dream-quest adventure and relives the life of a boy who travels to Michiganís Upper Peninsula during the mid 1800s. Starting a new life in Marquette he meets Michael Shane, an ex-miner originally from Cornwall. Michael spent many years in the mines, but now works at a charcoal camp. Young Robertís adventures become challenging when he travels by dog sled to Green Bay, Wisconsin, to collect the mail. How will it end? Only the readers will know for sure! A great book to help students re-live life in the Upper Peninsula.  ©1996. 5.5 x 8.5.  216 pages.  Paperback. 

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Once on This Island by Gloria Whelan

by Gloria Whelan

Gloria Whelan has developed another fine addition to any 4th grade Michigan studies unit. Go back to Mackinac Island 180 years ago to the War of 1812. Twelve year-old Mary and her older brother and sister must tend the family farm when their father is away fighting the British. The story begins, "We live on an island and the world comes to us over the water.... often what the lakes bring to our island is good, but not always. There is no way of knowing."  ©1995.  5.5 x 8.5. 186 pages.  Paperback. (Better 4th-6th grade)

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Traders in Time

by Janie Lynn Panagopoulo

Panagopoulos has created a lively fictional story about the history of the fur trade in the western Great Lakes region in the late 1700s. Brings the sights, smells and drama of the fur trade to life. Taken back in time, Nicolas and Chris, two young brothers, face many adventures as they flee from the clutches of an evil fur trader going on to an Ottawa Indian camp and then to Mackinac Island  ©1993.  5.5 x 8.5.  200 pages. Paperback.  (Grades 4-6)

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Train to Midnight

by Janie Lynn Panagopoulos

A fine story to help elementary level students learn about the Underground Railroad. Malaika and Samson have been separated from their mother and alone must make their way north to freedom. Students will learn about the vocabulary of the times & come to understand about fire-eaters, faithful grooms, where midnight is, and what is the promised land.  ©1999.  6 x 9.  179 pages.  Paperback. (Reading level about 5th grade.)

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