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Michigan Student Desktop Map

Beautiful 18 x 23 inch, two sided, full color, laminated map

    A GREAT ADDITION to any Michigan unit!

         Students CAN SEE the places they are studying.

              HELPS COVER many of the 3rd and 4th grade social studies GLCEs.

Kids can do hands-on map activities at their desks and learn geography by doing it. Students are introduced to land elevation, population density, land use, international and state boundaries, locations of rivers and lakes, and much more. Skills are applied and practiced by using the map lessons below.

SIDE 1 shows Michigan and the Great Lakes along with an inset map of the Detroit Metro area.

SIDE 2 shows the entire Great Lakes Region from Wisconsin to the mouth of the St. Lawrence River.


Map (Identification # 00-0)        $9.95 each
25 maps for $221.25             (or 8.85 each)

MAP LESSONS for Grade 4            (We have grade 3 lessons, too)

These lessons follow the popular Our Michigan Adventure textbook.
Students learn while doing these interesting map activities. 38 lessons in 162 pages. Black line masters in 3 ring binder.

[Lessons help cover GLCEs 4H3.0.2, 4H3.0.3, 4G1.0.2, 4G1.0.3, 4G1.0.4, and 4G1.0.5]

(order ML 4) 2008.
One set of lessons free with each 25 desk maps purchased, otherwise lessons are $34.95.

ISBN 978-1-931466-09-7


  Click here to see a list of all 38 map lessons.

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