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Our most popular elementary text book.

Meet Michigan - for 3rd Grade 

Meet Michigan covers:
  • Michigan History
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Government
  • Core Democratic Values

Meet Michigan

Designed from the very beginning with the student in mind!

  • Easy to read
    (overall average is 3.48, Lexile 510)
  • Has high student interest.
    Students WANT to explore it and read it.
  • GLCEs based (click on the link below for correlation)
  • No overload of concepts
  • Great eye appeal
  • Incorporates core democratic values and economics concepts
  • Helps prepare for the MEAP tests

   Now used in over 1500 classrooms!


Even with the Common Core, the GLCEs remain the focus of Michiganís social studies.

Student text 
Hardcover. 448 pages. © 2009-2012
ISBN  #978-1-931466-12-7

 School price for print edition: $44.95
Meet Michigan now online too!
Online price $17.98 per student
6 year license.

Click here to view the table of contents.

   Click here to see the GLCES correlation.

      Click here to see a sample chapter from Meet Michigan.

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See our exciting NEW interactive  student activities below!

Meet Michigan Interactive.  © 2012

Here are our new technology based student activities to accompany the textbook Meet Michigan! Use them on your classroom whiteboard, projector or personal computers. These activities follow the textbook chapter by chapter.

There is a big focus on vocabulary words and chapter review. The activities can also help you with formative assessment. Using them your students can apply what they are learning.

These Flash™ programs are supplied on a CD.
ISBN #978-1-931466-19-6

Price per classroom  $79.95
(Sorry, this product no longer works with the latest Apple operating systems)
Click here for more information on this great new product!

Audio Book Available
Audio Edition  of student textbook on 8 CDs read by the author, organized by lesson.
(only sold to adopting schools)
ISBN  #978-1-931466-15-8 School Price  $49.95

Teacher's Edition.   © 2009  (only sold to adopting schools)

The teacherís edition is designed to meet your classroom needs.                                   
 It is 3 products in one with over 450 pages!
  1. Easy to use spiral bound printed teacherís edition.
  2. A digital copy of the printed teacherís edition you can load on both your home and school computers provided on an enclosed CD.
  3. Over 50 student worksheet activities also provided on the enclosed CD.
ISBN #978-1-931466-17-2
School Price  $59.95
Click here for a sample from this great product!

Assessment Package.
  © 2009
(reproducible chapter tests)

Provides tests for each chapter. Tests incorporate prompts, charts and graphs, CDVs and extended responses.

Each binder includes a CD with the tests on Microsoft Word™ files so you can adapt them to your classroom needs.

ISBN #978-1-931466-14-1

School Price  $39.95

Click here for a SAMPLE test from this great product!


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